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Video mit James Martin und UL wheels von Landsegler

While I am not a Sponsored rider for Landsegler, I do own a set of the NABX wheels which I use for racing in the UK on wet beaches or very hard packed beaches. My current personal best is 61mph on sand with an inch of water on the surface. This should give you an idea of how good these wheels are in many different situations.

If you wish to see the NABX version in action on wet/dry sand take a look at this 6min video of our trip to France on Christmas eve :)

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Sponsorship BEACH / NABX

Landsegler Manufaktur will sponsor a couple of buggiers
in order to ride with UL wire spoked disc wheels

Since summer of 2012 – Sponsored buggiers:
Version BEACH – Carlos Fandango aka Popeyethewelder (Lincoln, England)
Version NABX – Bobby Muse, Henderson NV/USA, Ivanpah Dry Lake
Version NABX – Wexler Muse, Henderson NV/USA, Ivanpah Dry Lake  

and in addition since 2009:
some buggiers from Danmark (D), Holland (H) Belgium (B) and Germany (G)
amongst others:
Stephan van Bommel (H300) and Dirix Mano (B 1096)______________________________________________________
We are sorry, that no further sponsorship is possible for the next couple of years. Actually we are sponsoring 10 buggiers. More than ten sponsored buggiers would overstrain us. Therefore now the sponsorship program must be closed. Regards ARAM

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very high lateral load

UL disc wheels from Landsegler also highly resistant to such high lateral load!

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NABX 2012 – Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed – Highspeed !

Highspeed ! – Stephan van Bommel – H300 – at NABX 2012 on the Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed, Nevada, just south of Las Vegas. Stephan´s GT-race-Buggy is equipped with UL spoked disc wheels with the special high load hub from Landsegler Manufaktur.

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Intertidal wet flat

until then you can have a look there:

UL disc wheels are available since 2010 from Landsegler Manufaktur / Germany
web site:       –    blog:

UL wheels diameter over all: 21″ – rim diameter: 16″ – rim width: 100 mm
Version BEACH: weight: approx. 4 kg, little variation depending on choice of the tire 
send your inquiry to:

Version NABX: UL disk wheels on Ivanpah Dry Lake – NABX 2012
Landsegler Manufaktur is sponsor for
Stephan van Bommel – H300 – NABX 2011 / 2012
H300 was equipped with UL wheels from Landsegler Manufaktur:
max. speed at NABX 2012: 124 km/h very close to world speed record