Popeyethewelder aka Carlos Fandango wrote:

One Response to “Landsegler Wheels have landed in the UK”

 The first set of Landsegler wheels have rolled into the UK.

There are two versions, the Beach version 100mm wide rims, and the NABX version 47mm wide rims. They are ultra light, the beach version with the tyres only weighing 4kg….yes only 4kgs.

I have had an eye on these wheels for the last couple of years, and was please to see them first hand at NABX 12…to be honest the way Stephan and Mano were throwing their GT race buggies around, they were creating massive forces on the wheels, (and as we know Stephan is not a small guy by any means, I come up to his waist… just), the wheels did not fail or show any signs of fatigue or damage what so ever.

Needles to say I was hugely impressed by these wheels, and considering the weight of these, its quite remarkable.

They have been developed to withstand massive lateral forces

By: Landsegler Wheels have landed in the UK – popeyethewelder.com on 26. April 2012


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